Working weekend

Weekends for me begin on Fridays, when I don’t have any training. I’m one of the lucky few who only need to attend university two days a week, but that does mean that weekends tend to lose those “relaxation” vibes, especially when there’s about a million and one things to do.

March definitely crept up on me, and now there are assignment deadlines looming, so Friday morning was spent editing an interview I did earlier this week. I visited Southampton and spoke to Joe Coakley, Southampton University Formula Student Team’s team leader. The team are competing in their first ever abroad race this year and, as this is where my journey into motorsport really began, I thought it a good story to cover.

My to do list before I head to Paris next month!

My to do list before I head to Paris next month!

The rest of Friday was spent making arrangements for next month’s trip to France for the Paris ePrix, and working on some other Formula E news.

Saturday’s before ePrix are FanBoost days. I pay very close attention to the “gimmick” and work on some stats every race. Some things like twitter followers change so often they need to be updated every race, and I’ve chosen the Saturday before the ePrix as the day to collect that, and all the other statistics needed for my analysis. We’re getting further and further into the Formula E season now and it isn’t really fair to say we’re at the beginning anymore, so it’ll be interesting to see what this race’s stats say.

I also spent Saturday working on this week’s Support Series Sunday post, which was a bit of an introduction to GP3. The Support Series Sunday posts are one of my favourite parts of the week, with a special part of my heart belonging to junior formulae.

Today, I took part in a podcast with a bunch of my colleagues at as part of our Women’s Week coverage. With the ERN team spread across the globe, it’s great to talk to one another on Skype, and I think we put together a good piece about women in motorsport, but I’ll let you decide for yourself when that comes out.

And now it’s on to prepare for the upcoming week, which means booking out cameras, making more to-do lists, and finding out which memory stick I saved this interview to.


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