First WINOL news conference…

So today was a university day. All that fun about only having university two days a week? Gone this week, as I’ll be taking part in this week’s Winchester News Online broadcast.

The morning started with the debrief from last week’s broadcast. Winchester benefits from expert advice following all of their broadcasts, so sitting in on the debrief gave me some amazing advice for when I’ll be joining Winchester News Online fully from September.

Lunch was a rushed ham sandwich as I wrote up an article from Abt’s preview ahead of the Mexican ePrix. The week before the ePrix is always busy as all the teams get out their previews and we start to prepare for the weekend.

It was a busy news conference, but we all managed to fit in, just about

It was a busy news conference, but we all managed to fit in, just about

After lunch it was back to the university and the Winchester News Online team for the news conference, where the team gathers ideas for the upcoming show, which is broadcast on Wednesday. I pitched the piece on Southampton University Formula Student team, which I worked on last week, as part of the sports section of the program. We’ll see tomorrow how successful I was.

Just when I thought my day was about finished, Team HARD announced the driver of their second car. I cover the British Touring Car Championship for two different websites, so anytime there’s an announcement from there, it’s a bit manic for a moment.

Now, I should probably get back to that. No rest for the wicked!


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