Lazy days make busy ones

The trouble with being lazy is that you’re going to have to do the work at some point, and today was that point. I am exhausted but happy. Busy days are fun days.

Wednesday is Winchester News Online’s broadcast day and, as my sound bite from my interview with Southampton University Formula Student Team was going to be included in that, I had to have that done.

It would make a lot of sense to have done that yesterday, but that didn’t happen, which meant heading down the dreaded hill at the start of the day to edit the clip. We only needed a few seconds of audio for the sports bulletin, so I had to pick out the bit that fitted the angle best and made sense without the rest of the audio. Then, I finished up the cue sheet for the piece and headed to the news room.

It looks a lot cleverer than it is

It looks a lot cleverer than it is

It was still early, and the sports editor was yet to arrive, which gave me time to work on my rituals piece for NUBI magazine. That is, until news broke that the B-TEC development series would be postponed until 2017. I don’t officially cover the B-TEC series, but I’ve done a couple of pieces in the past on the series for Overtake Motorsport, so it was worth writing a news piece for it.

By the time that was done and the audio and cue sheet for the bulletin was handed to the sports editor, my colleague for a TV assignment had arrived. As part of the camera and television training, we’re to produce a “profile” of one of the journalists on Winchester News Online. Our two woman crew met to discuss questions and additional shots before we started filming the interview in the afternoon.

Because meetings are actually the most exciting thing in the world, I had another one after lunch! In a few weeks’ time, myself and a group of students will be recording a short political programme. With the deadline for the first draft of the script – my job – next week, it was time to get cracking with some planning.

With the radio show not long away, I finished up my rituals article – finally – and settled down in the news room to hear how it went.

It was strange to sit in the news room, listening to everyone’s work being brought together. In only a few short days since the conference on Monday, everyone had gone off and collected interviews, sound bites, and stories to fill the show. Maybe I’m just being simple, but it was a little bit like magic.

After the debrief, where we briefly went over what went well and what could be done better next time around, it was time to start shooting the interview for our profile.

The piece, when edited, will only be short, but there are a lot of different shots that go into even the simplest of task. Next time you’re watching the news, try and look at all the shots they do in an interview. Maybe it’s because I was about ready to drop dead at this point, but it felt as if shooting took hours, but we finally collected almost all the footage we need to edit together the profile.

There’s still more to be done and, unfortunately, that’ll have to wait until tomorrow, when I can keep my eyes open!


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