The end of a busy week

It’s the weekend! Or it is for me anyway. It has been a long week, which means I was able to convince myself that the lie in I had this morning was totally deserved. Maybe that was a little bit of a lie. There’s still lots to do this weekend!

Thursdays are one of the two days of a normal week that I have to be at university, and yesterday was no different. Today there was a lecture on Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. Philosophy. Yay…

Last year, at Brands Hatch for the final BTCC weekend, someone asked me what I was going to be doing on the train back to London. When I told them I would be reading my philosophy text book, they said I must be doing quite a clever course…

On the way to the lecture, I started planning out the script for the political programme. It doesn’t have to be long, with the programme only being five minutes altogether and including a discussion on the topic of maintenance grants, so by the time I arrived at the lecture, I pretty much knew what I wanted to say.

I’ll type that up later, when I’ve found some of the quotes to go with it.
During the lecture news broke that Graham Field would be switching to JamSport racing for the Clio Cup. As my lecturer had gone off on a bit of a tangent about… let’s not talk about what the tangent was about (if you’re familiar with Buddhism, it was about one of the ways you can be happy, and it wasn’t music or meditation)- as my lecturer had gone off on a bit of a tangent, I took the opportunity to write up a quick piece for Overtake Motorsport and get that published.

In the afternoon, we were filming again. This time, it was pieces to camera to start and finish our profile we shot on Wednesday. Following advice from our TV lecturer we received whilst editing the piece, we’ll be reshooting that on Monday, ready to put it all together.

That was yesterday. Today is a relatively quiet day, but there’s still a lot to do ahead of tomorrow’s ePrix. I’ll fill you in on that later!


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