The rest of the busy weekend

What a weekend! God, if I ever forget why I got into this job, I’ll just have to think back to this weekend because it was fantastic. Stressful, manic – yes, but fantastic.

Things started of quietly enough though. Formula E didn’t get under way until two in the afternoon, which meant I could spend the morning getting some of the work I have to do for university done. Deadlines don’t stop for Formula E, unfortunately.

Or I would have been able to get some work for university done, if the WiFi hadn’t been out. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You don’t need the internet to write a seminar paper on Hegel. No, I didn’t. But I did need the motivation of a round of an online game after every 100 words to get it done…

By the time the WiFi returned, there was enough time to get about halfway through my seminar paper before it was time for Formula E.

Sometimes I forget why I love Formula E. Sometimes I manage to convince myself that it’s just a bunch of cars going round in a bit of a wobbly circle. Then I watch it…

I was on report duty for the first free practice session. Part of the wonderful fun of being me is suffering from memory loss so I had the notebook out, scribbling down what was happening and then, as soon as the session ended, writing up my article.

Totally professional.

Totally professional.

The best part about the race weekend is the pressure of it all. It’s manic. I imagine that’s what it’s like in quite a few areas of journalism but it can’t be anything like when it comes to motorsport. Because everything about motorsport is about being fast. And in Formula E, when there’s another thing happening every other second… the excitement builds, and then you’re excited, and the pressure to be fast is on and it’s just a tiny bit crazy.

Yes, I am sat here grinning thinking about it.

I was on live tweeting duties for the rest of the afternoon. Live tweeting is my absolute favourite role when it comes to race coverage. It’s interacting with the fans, it’s building on that excitement, and it’s talking about the race. What isn’t there to love? It’s such great fun! You have to find the line between putting personality into the tweets and staying professional though. I think I stay just the right side of the line. Just.
Sarcasm will always be my down fall.


At some point yesterday I managed to finish my seminar paper, but if you were to quiz me on Hegel I probably wouldn’t be able to get more than two answers right.

Once the race was over, I was straight onto the race report for Overtake Motorsport. I don’t cover Formula E for them, but stepped into the role when duty called. It’s actually my first race report for the website, as the British Touring Car Championship hasn’t returned yet. I’m quite proud of it.

When that was finished, it was time for bed for me, seeing as I’d been up since about six. My mistake, as the stewards then decided to disqualify race winner Lucas Di Grassi from the race for his car being under weight. Fantastic!

So the first thing I did this morning was get onto that for Overtake Motorsports. Luckily the editor at ERN already had it covered the night before, so it was just the simple job of writing up my moments of the race and finding and writing up reaction pieces for them. (Which would have been a lot easier if there were more pictures available…)

I put off writing the Support Series Sunday post yesterday (well, I definitely couldn’t have done that without WiFi), so I spent the afternoon writing about the 2015 GP3 championship. Which was fun. I love learning more about the support series and reliving the excitement of the season.

And finally, what I have just finished doing, finding news stories for my radio assignment.
It has been an absolutely bonkers weekend. And I’ve got a feeling next race weekend – when there’ll be BTCC and Formula E on the same weekend – is going to be even crazier!


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