And now we start again

You know what I really could have done with after that weekend? A lie in. But nope! It was up at about six to get started on the week.

We’re still covering the team reactions over at and I started the morning with writing up a piece on Amlin Andretti’s race. Then it was back down the dreaded hill to university for the WINOL debrief. Even though I only had the tiniest input into last week’s WINOL broadcast, I found the feedback to the week before’s broadcast really useful and wanted to see what else I could get before I head into WINOL first time in September.

Then it was a rush across campus to my radio show!

20160314_115747Every week, bar last week (and the week before, and the week before that…), I have a two hour slot on Sound Radio, which is broadcast live online. I love doing the show! It’s fun to just natter away for two hours and sing along to songs (with the mic off, of course). It also gives me good experience using the desk, which will come in useful in the future, I’m sure.

Once the show was over, my #MondayMotivation song played for another week, it was time to reshoot the pieces to camera I shot last week, this time putting into practice the advice that I’ve been given. It took a while, between the wind and the lawn mower, but when is life ever easy?


Then back to the news room again!

20160314_105648This Wednesday is the budget day! Which is a very exciting day when the chancellor tells us all what we all already know because the entire budget has been leaked. And Winchester News Online are doing a budget day special, which will involve going to different locations across the country to report on how the budget will affect different regions.

And I will be helping out. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean going off across the country – I’ll have enough fun on trains trying to get to the Clio Cup media day next week. I’ll be sat in the nice warm news room with a cup of tea and probably panicking a little, feeding information to one of the teams in the field and helping to organise the live broadcast. It’s all very exciting.

But it does mean I have to trek all the way down to the news room at half nine tomorrow morning. And it meant I had to catch up on the discussion I’d missed whilst I was on the radio, finding out exactly what I’m going to be doing on Wednesday.

It has really been a packed day, and I am exhausted. And I get to have all this and more fun tomorrow!


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