#FEBuzz, WINOL, and deadlines

Apologies for the lack of entry yesterday. If you were following the #FEBuzz twitter conversation (Of course you were following the #FEBuzz twitter conversation!) you’ll know why.

So, let’s go back to Tuesday morning, when I was up and at university for about 9:30 in the morning. That may seem early, but by this point I’ve already been up for three and a half hours, so it’s not too bad.

As part of my “initiation” into Winchester News Online, I was taking part in their coverage of the budget, which is a very important day in which not a lot happens. WINOL would have broadcast teams all over the country, who would be reporting live on the show, through some clever technology with satellites and sim cards and what not. And it was my job to relay messages from one of the teams, based in Stoke, to the news room and visa versa.
That was what I spent most of today doing, but yesterday was just a chance for us to go through what our roles would be and to make sure everything was in place for the broadcast.

The time table for the Renault UK Clio Cup media day, which is next Wednesday, came through yesterday. That’s going to require me taking about a dozen trains and a couple of taxis to get there, but I’m very excited. This really marks a proper start to the Clio Cup and MSA Formula season, and as it’s my first season covering the championships, it’s quite exciting. I’ve a few things lined up on the day and I can’t wait to see how that all works out.

20160315_145420In the afternoon, it was time for our first rehearsal of our political TV show that we’ll be filming next week. There’s a lot of equipment and technical things that need to go right, and the last thing you want to happen is for that to get all muddled up whilst you’ve got guests in, so we spent some time in the afternoon going through that to make sure we know what we’re doing. I was in charge of the autocue, as script writer, which is a lot simpler than what some of the others had to do!


Then it was time for radio training! It’s not less than a week until my radio assignment is due and I am not nervous. Not at all. What makes you think that? Might be because I still don’t have an interview for my bulletin but I am totally not worried…

In the evening it was time for #FEBuzz, everyone’s favourite part of any ePrix. Fans tweet questions in and a panel of journalists from the different Formula E websites answer them. I took responsibility for the e-racing.net twitter team and got tweeting answering the questions. It started at eight at night and lasted over two hours. By the time it was over I was very much ready for bed.

It was another six o’clock start again this morning and in to university for half nine as we got ready for the WINOL broadcast, which would go live at twelve. After many hours texting the wrong person because I misread a 1 as a 7, we got into contact with the Stoke team and got rolling.

20160316_115145The broadcast went very well. There were a few technical problems as there always are in news, but we managed to get broadcasts from Stoke, Winchester, and London. And watch it all come together in the newsroom.

All this has made me even more excited about starting work on Winchester News Online next September.

For now, I’ll stick to writing reports on drivers – somehow finding time to write a couple of articles on the Halfords sponsorship and Epps joining the BTCC grid during the broadcast – and race cars. And preparing for the Formula One season!


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