A slow day and a fast one!

It’s finally here! It feels as if I’ve been waiting forever for it to return but at last, this morning, I finally got it. No, I’m not talking about Formula One. Something much more important than that. The weekend! And a well deserved lie in!

Yes, I did have a lie in instead of watching the return of Formula One. What can I say? Sleep is my favourite thing to do.

Now, I didn’t update yesterday. Not because I was super busy, as usual. But because there wasn’t really much interesting to say.

Thursday started off with me wishing it was Friday. Then, ten minutes before I had to go to my seminar, news came in that Oliver Turvey would be skipping the Berlin ePrix and be replaced by Ben Hanley. As I had the press release in my inbox, I started work on that, arriving at my seminar just the tiniest bit late.

Only the tiniest… Not enough to miss my lecturer talking about… er… a “special” kind of happiness. The kind that makes babies…

Reshooting the piece to camera

Reshooting the piece to camera

Moving on!

The afternoon was spend reshooting my partner’s pieces to camera for our profile and reediting the piece, looking at what different shots worked and what didn’t. I’m very glad to say that that’s all finished and another thing to tick off my to do list before I finish university for this school year!

That was pretty much it for the day. Like I said, mostly quiet. One of the rare occasions when this happens.


So this morning, I had a lie in. It was the best thing. Just to lie in bed knowing there would be no negative consequences if I closed my eyes for another half an hour…

My lie in ended at about half seven. It wasn’t long before the work began again. A press release about Callum Pointen, GT4 SuperCup driver, came through, and we were off!

Being a junior formulae correspondent is a little mad because there’s just so much to cover. So today there were three different drivers confirmed in three different series and that’s not really unusual. It’s normally a Wednesday when things like that happen, though. Come to think of it, not much did happen this Wednesday. Oops.

I also wrote up an article on Renault’s beautiful new livery. In case you hadn’t seen, it’s yellow. Now, as someone who has problems distinguishing between two people if they have the same colour hair, I would normally be glad that Renault will be standing out from the crowd. But yellow. Yellow…


Anyway, I finished that up and got started on the very exciting Support Series Sunday post. This week we’re following the GP3 career of one of the GP3 stars, which I chose at the beginning of the year. It’s not always easy to find the information for the articles, and I’ve struggled in the past, but this one wasn’t so bad, and I was about half way through it when I got distracted by another press release, this time Formula E.

Formula E is at the top of my hierarchy of focus. If it can be put aside, it will be put aside.

And so that’s how I found myself writing an article about the new virtual championship that Formula E are introducing, when I had less than half an hour until I had to leave to record some meeting for my radio assessment.

Now, writing an article does not take half an hour. Formatting an article pushes you up to about twenty minutes, if you’re quick. Finding the pictures for an article… I rushed off to record the meeting before I could find pictures, leaving me with something exciting to do when I returned.

20160318_175116The meeting was on the environmental impact of Brexit. I only needed a short sound bite for my news bulletin, which will be part of my assessment for radio training. Only any hope of finding something unbiased was flung out the window when I saw that it was a pro-EU movement hosting the event. No matter. I was there now and there was still the tiniest chance. Luckily, one of the speakers there was bound by the rules to be unbiased, and I think part of what she said might be usable audio.

When I got back, I found images for the article, but it’s getting late now and I’ll wait until tomorrow morning to publish. Which brings us up to now!

There’s still a few things to do tonight, including finishing the support series Sunday post and writing the copy to go into the bulletin, and then it’s a busy weekend of Formula One, critical reflections, and sleep. .


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