So much to do, so little sleep…

Ok, so remember when I was like “I wrote my seminar paper!” Yeah, me too! Apparently, my computer doesn’t.

Oh why do I never save anything…

So it has been a very busy weekend, as I’m sure you are aware.

Formula One was back. I don’t actually cover the races for any website. Though I write for Formula One insider, I don’t cover the actual race weekend but, rather, all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes, like radio restrictions and livery reveals.

So that meant I didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn for qualifying. Yay!

I slept through qualifying and caught up later, whilst getting started on my to do list for the day.

(God, I really shouldn’t leave it this late to do a diary entry, because I have minimal recollection of what I did that day…)

Untitled4Well, it started off with posting the article about the virtual championship, which I wrote Friday night. Then finishing off the Support Series Sunday post for the next day.

Then it was time to do’s weekly round up post. I’m supposed to do them on Friday but, with all the madness that Friday brought, I decided Saturday would do. It’s fun looking back over the week and seeing what’s happened. Sometimes I’m amazed that an entire week has gone past. Was the Mexico ePrix really that long ago? Sometimes, though, I’m stunned at how much has happened. Something that happened on the Monday seems weeks ago, but it still fits into the round up.


Next, university work. Deadlines this week – lots of them, and it was time to get started on them.

I wrote up the copy for radio first. I’d found news stories earlier on and it was simply a case of writing them for radio. Radio is different to print because you can always go back and reread something you didn’t understand online or in a newspaper. No chance of that with radio. You have to be clear, and you have to be engaging, and you’ve got to be concise. Kind of hard to do sometimes, but I think I’ve got the hang of it, just about.

Then the very less exciting job of critical reflections. For both my political news show and my TV profile, I have to write up a critical reflections, talking about what we did right, what we learned, why we made decisions.

Very, very exciting.

Now, because it is easier for me to stay up all night than it is for me to wake up early, and I quite wanted to watch the first Formula One race of the season, I decided it would be a good idea to stay up all night.
Wrong idea.

So, so, so wrong.

Ok, so the race finished at about seven, half seven. Then that was me, straight to bed, because I was pretty much dead at this point. About three hours later, I was up again. This was not a good decision. I do not recommend it.

There wasn’t much to do on Sunday, thankfully.

I posted the Support Series Sunday article on Antonio Felix Da Costa. How could I shy away from writing about a Formula E driver’s junior career?

That’s why I love writing about the drivers in the junior formulae. One day, they’re going to be the stars of the future, and I get to be a part of a very significant, special part of their lives that most people don’t. It may seem like nothing when you get an interview with a driver in the MSA Formula or Ginetta Juniors, but one day that kid could be the next motorsports legend, and people will want to have a bit of an insight into their teenage years.

Anyway… there wasn’t much else to do yesterday but write up a quick article on the new radio regulations for Formula One, and then I could go to sleep!

Monday morning came far, far too quickly.

20160321_111108I’d agreed with the girl I’m creating my radio package with to meet in the morning to finish the package. I ended up doing it myself, after panicking because I thought I lost half of the audio files (I didn’t, I just saved them in a different place).

The audio for the audio bite I recorded on Friday was corrupted, which was fantastic! Just what I wanted to deal with on a Monday morning!

However, from some stroke of luck, Winchester was announced the best place to live in England in some survey. And which journalist did a vox pop on the worst things about living in Winchester for their radio package? This one! It was really a miracle and I would like to thank God for it.

So I edited down the vox pop to put in the bulletin and went on my merry way.

untilMore radio! This time it was Sound Radio, for my twelve ‘til two slot where I nattered on about deadlines, chocolate, Formula One, and getting no sleep. It’s loads of fun and I’m rather sad I only have one show left. Hopefully I’ll get a slot next year and I’ll have loads more fun!

Then it was time to record the bulletin. I’d already written the script up for it so it was just a simple job of pressing the right buttons and reading it out. Easy! Except…

One of the amazing parts of being me is that reading is not the simplest thing in the world, as sentences jumble themselves up. Rather inconvenient for reading aloud. Eventually, I got my bulletin recorded, and helped out with my class mates’.


Then the day was over. Except I’ve realised that my seminar paper didn’t save and that’s due on Thursday. Well, it’s going to be a fun night…


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