Deadline Day one

Apologies for the lack of update yesterday. I realised at nine o’clock that I needed to be up at half four in the morning to catch my train, so I quickly headed to bed.

I’m writing this on the train to Corby, at eight in the morning, but it probably won’t be posted until later, when I’m on a better WiFi network (actually, it’ll probably be eduroam, so maybe “better” isn’t the right word).

I imagine today will be quite a busy day, so I wanted to get yesterday out of the way before it really started.

Yesterday was my deadline to hand in all my radio assessment work and it was the day we were going to be shooting our political programme. But none of that was going to start until midday, so I thought I would have a nice relaxing evening, completing my seminar paper and doing a few chores.

What a stupid thought that was!

Maybe I’d forgotten it was the BTCC launch day. Maybe I just didn’t foresee there being any news to go along with it. Either way, it was quite stupid of me.

20160323_083156Almost as soon as I finished rewriting my seminar paper (if I never have to write the word “numina” again, it will be too soon), a flurry of news stories from the BTCC and its little family of support series came into the inbox.

My modest little to do list practically doubled, with articles for Overtake Motorsport and Inside Line Media (never cover the same series for two places, kids!). There went my relaxing morning. On the bright side, I did have a good excuse to not do the washing!

Then, of course, there was the FanBoost. It returned on Monday and that, for me, signals the start of the Formula E coverage. It only feels like yesterday we were doing the Mexico ePrix! Where does the time go? Every day when the FanBoost is open I do a little update on what’s going on. I enjoy monitoring it and how it changes. It’s interesting to see who people are voting for, and why. But, at the moment, I have enough on my plate and could have done with a bit of a breather before plunging back into it!

I headed down the dreaded hill at about midday to meet up with a friend and make yet another edit to our profile. Then it was simply a case of editing some of the copy for radio and hanging out the media centre, waiting for the TV studio to be free to shoot our programme.

20160322_143535Most of my work for the programme was pretty much done. The good part of being the script writer is that there isn’t much stress on the day (though plenty of stress in the build-up!) although I did feel a bit panicky as my autocue skills could use a little practice.

Everybody on the team did a fantastic job, though, and we managed to pull it off without too many problems! Now comes the oh so exciting job of writing up a critical reflection on it, but that can wait until everything else is done…


Next up was radio. Radio which I seem to spend all my life doing some times. I really do enjoy radio though. All my work was pretty much done. All that was needed was a quick check on the copy and then it was good to go… other than the fact I left the memory stick with half the work on back at my flat.

Great, another trip up the hill!

After retrieving the memory stick (and my keys, seeing as I’d decided I didn’t need those in the morning as well…), I returned to university to find that my friend needed to rerecord her bulletin due to problems with the levels. I volunteered to help out clicking the mouse in the studio (it really is a two person job, recording a bulletin).

assignmentsThen it was time to upload. And then that was it! Half my semester’s worth of work has been uploaded, as I quickly uploaded my profile before my partner decided we needed another edit, and my seminar paper. By this time on Friday, I’ll be done with my first year of university.

So, back home after that, for pizza and Pepsi, and to start writing up some of the questions I have to ask today, when I eventually arrive at Rockingham (you would think Winchester was on another planet, the amount of changes I have to make…)


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