Getting ready for the weekend

It’s race day!

I’m still not entirely sure how I’m going to manage to stay awake for the day ahead, but I’ve managed to do this before. I’m sure I’ll be able to do it again!

So, yesterday was the first day of April, which meant deciphering what’s real and what’s an April Fools joke, which isn’t as easy as you would think, with Formula One in the state that it’s in, but I’m pretty sure I managed to do it.

Fridays are the Formula E recap day, so I got on with that yesterday. Some weeks are quieter than others but this was a very busy week, with previews and news about development in Formula E, so there was lots to put into the post. Next week we’ll have all our race coverage to include, which I love putting into the recap.

I also wrote this week’s support series Sunday post yesterday, because I figured I might just be a tiny bit busy this weekend. With the start of a new month, the support series Sunday focuses on a different series, so this week was just an introduction post.

That was it yesterday, between trying to figure out how I’m going to stay awake throughout this weekend.

Wish me luck!


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