Bit of a busy weekend…

And breathe!

It has been a bit of a busy weekend, as you could probably have guessed.

So let’s start on Saturday morning, when I woke up at half four in the morning because of a nasty cold and couldn’t get back to sleep. Definitely not the way I wanted to start the day seeing as I was going to be staying up until gone one o’clock in the morning.

Never mind. Some things can’t be helped.

20160405_094208The actual work started at nine o’clock with the MSA Formula Qualifying. The BTCC package is pretty much jam packed, with about ten minutes between each session and about half an hour for lunch.
Because I have no ability to realise when I’ve accepted too much work, I was writing reports for two websites for the BTCC and a website and fan page for the support series. Which was… fun.

There wasn’t really enough time to write articles between sessions (or not enough time to write and post articles, seeing as that takes approximately forever), so I just wrote notes on the sessions to help me when I came back to write about them. Having memory problems really doesn’t help being a journalist much, but I’ve figured out my way around that.

Luckily, the lunch break was just after the second BTCC practice session, so I figured I could write up my article on those over a bit of pizza, giving me one less thing to do.

ILM BTCCThen it was straight back into note taking until about half five, when the BTCC package was finished for the day. I had a bit of time between the end of the MSA race, the final session of the day, and the Formula E second practice, which I was live tweeting, so managed to get out my article on BTCC qualifying for one of the websites.

That was one thing ticked off the to do list!

live tweetingAs I think I might have mentioned before, live tweeting is my all-time favourite thing, and live tweeting practice was a nice – not quite relaxing – break to the note taking. When it comes to note taking, you have to get as much information down as possible. You never know what might be important later on. With live tweeting, you can have a little more fun with it, and it’s not desperately important to get every little thing out there.

I was also live tweeting the qualifying for Formula E. Again, lots of fun!

There was a bit of a break until the Formula E race, which would be starting at midnight, so I got some food and got started on my MSA Formula article. There was still more to be added, as the third race of the weekend wasn’t until Sunday, put that was something less to do on Sunday evening.
This time I wasn’t live tweeting the race – sad, I know – but I was writing the article for Overtake Motorsport, as their Formula E correspondent was away at another race.

Even though I’d been up for ages by the time the Formula E started, I was wide awake. The series is most definitely my favourite and the excitement lasted until the very end of the race, with Sam Bird trying desperately to get past Bruno Senna and… well, I’ll leave you with my article to explain that excitement.

I got that written as soon as I could before heading to bed, absolutely exhausted.

It was a ten o’clock start on Monday morning, with the Porshe Carrera Cup race on, but I woke up a little earlier than that and had the chance to write the reaction piece for e.dams for The reaction pieces are one of my favourite parts of the weekend. Working with press releases and notes from the race, because the press releases are a very one sided approach to the race. I managed to get that published before it was time for the BTCC package again.


I don’t cover this Porshe Carrera Cup for Overtake Motorsport, but was writing an over view of all the support series’ weekends for the BTCC Fan Page, so made notes on that too.

20160405_100126There wasn’t really enough time between sessions on the Sunday to get any reports done between races, so I waited until after the final race at about half five to write my article for Inside Line Media, and then got started on the summaries and articles for Overtake Motorsport. I got a few articles done Sunday evening, but decided it was probably better when I was a little less sleep deprived to get started on the rest of them.

Yesterday, I got the support series articles finished and started on my BTCC report for Overtake Motorsport. I wanted to do something different for BTCC. For the support series, there are only a handful of websites covering it, but BTCC has a much bigger following, so I wanted to give something different to the rest of the websites covering the series, especially as nothing on BTCC had been published over the weekend on Overtake Motorsport.

BRands Hatch gets teams tweetingI decided to take some of the top teams and drivers and cover their weekends, using twitter to illustrate the important moments of their races. It worked pretty well, even if it did take a couple of attempts to get the code right!

That took longer than I expected it to, and next time it should be a bit easier. Let me know what you think of it!

Once that was done, I could relax for a little bit and catch up on the sleep I’d missed out on that weekend.


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