A bit of a break

Not every day is jumping in race cars and staying up all night to watch races. Thankfully.

It’s been a very quiet week. There wasn’t a race this weekend, so there wasn’t much to prepare for, and there hasn’t been much news. I haven’t been sat here twiddling my thumbs though. I head to Paris in a couple of weeks, and planning to go to a country where I don’t actually speak the language is a tad hard. It wouldn’t be so bad if it were just a holiday, but going there for work means getting lost on the metro might cost me a tad more than a couple of euro. It’s alright, though! I’ve got all the maps and I’m ready to go.

First, there’s the World Endurance Championship at Silverstone this weekend to prepare for. Not so bad, because I’m actually fairly ok at English, it turns out. Preparing for this weekend mostly means writing up the Support Series Sunday article, seeing as I most likely won’t be able to do that this weekend (not by the time I get back from Northampton on Sunday night, anyway).

I’ve also been working on the social media side of things for ERN. Again, not too exciting, but important building work.


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