From Silverstone to Paris

Life is just an endless cycle of “there’s not much to do” and “there is too much to do!”, so sorry about the lack of update over the past couple of days. It has been just the tiniest bit manic.

I spent the weekend at Silverstone for the World Endurance Championship with a friend of mine. She’s a photographer, and we’re working on following some of the junior drivers together. The weekend wasn’t a work weekend, but we did do some chatting in preparation for the next British Touring Car Championship weekend.

It was, of course, a BTCC weekend last weekend, and it’s kind of hard to watch one race whilst you’re at another, especially something as manic and jam packed as a BTCC weekend. I managed to catch up on the races on Sunday night before starting the article writing.

Last race weekend, I wrote the BTCC article for Overtake Motorsport with tweets, and I wanted to do the same again this weekend. Last time it was a little long though, as I chose five different teams to focus on. This time, I decided to separate them out to different articles, still keeping the tweets format, because it shakes things up a little.

This weekend, of course, it’s Formula E! Formula E comes to Europe, Paris to be exact, and I’ll be heading over there. We got the accreditation for the event over the weekend, which is really exciting! So now it’s time to start preparing for that (as if I haven’t been preparing for it for the past month)!


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