Forms, pills, and questions

No, I’m not doing a medical experiment.

The big day is nearly here! This time tomorrow… ok, this time tomorrow I’ll probably be waiting for the train, because I always end up about ten hours too early for the train.

Today’s been a busy day of getting ready for the weekend, travel sickness tablets brought and all the forms printed out.

You don’t just show up at the track, explain who you are, and get your nice shiny media pass. And, as wonderful as it would be, the FIA don’t just email the people whose publications they like and offer them a tabard. I applied about a month ago, I think, through Inside Line Media. Yesterday, I got the official conformation letter and, this morning, the information pack with all the details for the weekend.

I did get just the tiniest bit excited reading through everything, especially on the Friday with the press conferences and media pen. Yes, I do get very excited over very boring things.

Most of today has been spent writing up some questions for drivers and team members (and buying the all-important travel sickness tablets) before I get onto the very important task of packing (where I’ll probably forget something. I usually do.)


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