Back to Formula 1

Sometimes I don’t update because I’m so busy there’s not much time to get it down. Other times, I don’t update because there’s not all that much to say.

This time, it’s the latter.

After the rush of six hours of Silverstone and the Paris ePrix, it’s been a bit of a quiet week. That’s not to say I haven’t been doing anything, but it’s not quite as exciting as a weekend in Paris.

new articleSo, once I was back in England, it was straight to doing the post race articles for each of the teams. We tried something new at this race, with more stats and analysis, and a pretty cool lay out. It took longer than the traditional reaction pieces take, as it’s a new formula and I had to find the stats to go with it, but I think it paid off. It looks amazing and it was a lot more interesting to write.

It was a Formula One week this weekend, and I had a little writing to do for that too. My work for F1 Insider hasn’t been the juicy race reports so far, but the smaller pieces. For example, an article on Russian driver Sirotkn this week as he took part in FP1 of his home grand prix. It’s all important and I don’t mind at all.

But this week, I was given the job of writing the race report.

I20160502_105529t’s been a while since I wrote an F1 race report, probably about a year, and I was excited but a little nervous when I eventually finished watching the race. Suffering from memory problems is bad enough in short races, but for longer races, if I don’t write notes, I’ll forget something crucial.

Thankfully, my notes were in tip top condition and, with the help of a few press releases, I wrote my first F1 race report of the year.

This week has been most about behind the scenes work again, specifically on the university magazine, which is going to be launched this week, and a new feature for my support series blog. All things going to plan, we should see that feature this Friday, so watch out.


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