New projects

So, it’s been another one of those busy weeks which, when you look back at it, doesn’t actually seem that busy.

That’s probably because I’ve been sat in the same chair pretty much all week. Definitely not as exciting as this weekend, but I think my feet appreciate it.

I decided, once all the race articles for the weekend were done, to do the reaction pieces for each of the BTCC teams. We do the same thing for the Formula E races, but there are a few more of us covering Formula E at, so this is a bit of a challenge. At the moment, I’m five teams down. Not many more to go. Who knows? I might even be finished by the time the next race comes along!

Wednesday was the elections for the chair and vice chair of our university magazine, which is just in its infancy at the moment. Somehow – and I’m not entirely sure how – I wound up as chair, which earns me the role as editor and chief. Do I get one of those fancy hats with a press card in now?

I’ve got tonnes of ideas for the magazine, but there’s still a lot to do before I head back to Winchester in September, so that’ll be a fun holiday activity!

Every time I start writing somewhere new, I tell myself “ok, no more for now” and now… I’ve joined Read Motorsport! So now I have another place to sell my soul for, which will be fun. I’m very excited to start writing. One more thing to kill to boredom with!


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