Surprises in Formula One

Sometimes Formula One really surprises you, and this weekend was definitely one of those days. Recently I’ve been getting a little bored of Formula One. Compared to Formula E and the support series, the “pinnacle” of motorsport feels like it’s lacking something.

This weekend was definitely not what I expected.

Recently I joined Read Motorsport and this was my first race weekend writing for the team. It may look like pretty simple stuff at the moment and maybe it is. But everything takes time to get used to.

My responsibility this weekend was to cover the Sauber team’s quotes. Whilst watching the race, watching Felipe Nasr and Marcus Ericsson wonder around at the back of the field, I was predicting something about a disappointing race but with plenty of learning experience and what not (press releases tend to be relatively predictable).

Until Ericsson decided crashing into Nasr would be more fun than running behind him.

Nasr article

The head line for the article changed then and I knew it was going to be able to the accident. Still, I had to wait for the quotes to be available after the race, which gave me time to write the race report for Formula 1 insider.

20160530_130058I had all the notes about the race written out, and tried to pick out the most important parts as I watched the race. There was plenty to write about, with battles happening up and down the track, but outlining everything was going to be difficult. Having it in images as the race unfolded on TV was confusing enough, but to have it written out would make it difficult to follow, so I tried to stick to the key points.

Now it’s on to writing about some of the non-race stories that have come up in Formula One over the past week!


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