BTCC at last

So I’ve finally gotten around to writing this. Honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t do it sooner. There’s been a lot of procrastination this week. Maybe if there hadn’t been, I wouldn’t have a million things to do today…

So, it starts with BTCC.

The British Touring Cars were back last weekend. I’d been invited by my good friend to go to Snetterton to watch the crazy three races, and all the support series that follow it around.

We arrived at the Norfolk track really early in the morning, before most of the drivers, and set off to go and find the paddock, and the ice cream, then took off around the track to try and find a good place for my friend to take photos.

13680314_10153591158462251_2451927328354470048_oWhen I attend race weekends, it’s mainly about getting quotes for me. I planned to do what I did last time I attended a race, going to get quotes from drivers after qualifying to make a “qualifying comments” article and then focus on the support series.

Covering BTCC for two different websites has been difficult, with one getting everything and me struggling to get creative for the other’s race reports, so I decided after this weekend to stop writing for Inside Line Media. This means I’ll be able to focus everything on Overtake Motorsport and the BTCC output there should be as great as out junior formulae output (which I’m quite proud of).

20160724_143212One of the things I knew I had to do last weekend was round off the Fittipaldi feature I’d started after spending the Silverstone Formula 3.5 round with Fortec.

Features are hard. News is easy. News, there’s a clear top line. News is just about saying what happens. Features are a lot harder. There is no top line, really. With news, the reader cares because they want to know what happened. With features, you have to find angles and other reasons for the reader to care.

The Fittipaldi feature started with something I noticed at Silverstone, just before Pietro left the garage. To end the feature, I wanted to capture a similar moment at Snetterton between the brothers, so it was important I actually saw that moment.

Before Enzo’s first race, I went with Pietro to the assembly area, where the Ginetta cars were waiting to go out on track. And there I found the moment I was looking for, when Enzo reached out of the car for his brother.

13909207_10153591158207251_2307223477259660116_oGrabbing interviews with the junior drivers is a lot easier than the BTCC drivers. I still have some to transcribe (one of the things I’ve been putting off because transcribing is one of the most boring things in the world). The end of each race consists of trying to grab the drivers you want to hear from and trying to remember what happened to each driver so you know what to ask about.

So since the weekend, I’ve been slowly working through the huge to-do list I built up. A couple of stories besides the races came out of the weekend, like the Simmons-Goddard crash and Fittipaldi being very frustrated with his weekend. Trying to find the right balance between those was important.

For example, I wanted to get the Fittipaldi news (not the feature) out ASAP, because I had some good quotes from Enzo and another website had already said something about his move to F4. I didn’t want this to become old news. So that went out as soon as I could get it out. That meant the feature would have to wait. Though Enzo is a “friend” of the website – always happy to do interviews for us – having two stories in the space of twenty four hours seemed a little over the top.

There have been things besides BTCC going on this week, with Formula One mid season reviews starting to come out. But that’s the bland, boring everyday stuff compared to race days.


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