On the way back from Scotland…

I write this on the joy-filled M6 on a coach from Glasgow back home to the Midlands. Scotland is lovely – nice scenery, a fantastic race track, and my best friend lives there. What isn’t there to like?

Besides the fact it’s a million miles away.

I really do not envy those who travel down every race weekend.

After a six hour coach journey on Friday afternoon – which ran late, of course – I arrived in Glasgow and I was ready for some racing.

By the time I arrived (an hour late) it was nine at night. Thankfully, most of my prep for the weekend was already done, so I could go to bed.

Saturday morning, we took the trip to Knockhill for the BTCC. British Formula 4, Ginetta Juniors, GT4 Super Cup and Porsche Carrera Cup were all supporting, but my main focus of the day was getting quotes for my”Qualifing Comments” article. Before, this was posted to Inside Line Media, but I decided to take it over to Overtake.

As often as I can, I try to make interviews and quotes into articles. Sometimes it’s not possible. Gordon Shedden’s “qualifying comment” was nine seconds long and others often don’t say much you can flesh out.

This weekend, though, Rob Collard was nice to me. Collard was disappointed by qualifying as his lap times were deleted, and the quote on that was enough for a good article.

The other article of the day came from the Ginetta Juniors. Two drivers crashed early on in the race. I didn’t see the crash and went off to find the drivers involved.

I couldn’t say who caused the accident without the stewards making a decision. Jordan Collard – the Collards were brilliant this weekend – saw the incident in front of him and gave the best answer as to what happened but mentioned no names. When I came to write the article, there was still no answer from the stewards, and I needed to make sure that was clear.

Sunday – race day.

Race day consisted mostly of running between the track and the podium and wandering around the paddock. Formula 4 interviews were really my main focus, but I couldn’t get the interview that everybody wanted.

After being taken out by his team mate, Petru Florescu threw a punch at him. It led to the Romanian being exclused from the meeting. A reaction quote would obviously have been perfect but when I saw Petru, he didn’t want to speak.

It was when we were walking through the paddock, talking to an Elite Motorsport mechanic, that we found the next story of the weekend: Enzo Fittipaldi was leaving Ginettas, apparently.

It had been obvious from my first conversation with Enzo that the Ginetta Juniors was just a stepping stone until he could get into an F4 car, and now it looked like he was taking that step.

Or maybe not, it turned out when I spoke to him. We’ll find out for sure at Rockingham.

I headed back to my friend’s once we’d finished helping Laser Tools pack away, and then got started on the Fittipaldi article. Once that was done, it was time for bed.

I wrote the BTCC article for this weekend, whilst waiting for the coach and, when I get home, it’s full speed ahead with my huge to do list.


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