Back to uni and back to work

Autumn is well and truly here, and I’ve returned to university! On the brighter side, that means I have more equipment, more people to ask questions, and less chance of waking anybody up to watch motorsport at one in the morning. On the down side, Winchester is about a million miles from anywhere and I’ve not been able to attend any races.

My new "office"

My new “office”

So, you know, pros and cons.

Really, I should have updated this sooner, but there’s a million and one things I need to do most days and any free time I get is spent making tea – lots of tea.

This weekend was the return of Formula E but, before I get back into that, a word on last weekend.

Last weekend was the end of the British Touring Car Championship 2016. It’s been a pretty manic season. Considering this time last year I knew next to nothing about it, had watched about one race, and couldn’t tell you who the champion was, I think I’ve done pretty well as a BTCC reporter this year.

When Overtake Motorsport asked me what sport I followed, I mentioned BTCC as I was keen to prove how versatile I was. I didn’t actually expect to end up covering it. And I definitely didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I’ve well and truely been welcomed into the BTCC family, and have gotten to know some smashing young drivers through it. Fingers crossed some of them make it big. They definitely deserve to.

I was quite sad I wouldn’t be able to attend the last two meetings, but I haven’t invented teleportation yet, so it just wouldn’t be possible. I still followed along at home, though, and the good thing about sitting in my office instead of being at the race track was that I could get race reports out sooner, which is always a good thing.

One of my favourite photos from this weekend, taken by Caroline Rhea

One of my favourite photos from this weekend, taken by Caroline Rhea

So, Thursday, I completed my last BTCC (well, BTCC support series) race report of the season, which left me with a bit of a gap in my life.

That wasn’t going to last long, as, like I mentioned before, FORMULA E IS BACK!

There isn’t actually anything I love more than Formula E. At all. It is my favourite thing in the world and I don’t know what I’d do without it. The run up to this weekend has been strange, as there’s plenty of changes coming into this season (both on track and off it).

But still, I woke up at one this morning to follow the first free practice session of the season, bouncing around with excitement (and to keep myself warm in my student house (as you do)).

I would be live tweeting the second free practice session for It’s been a while since I live tweeted a Formula E session (besides testing), but I kept myself practicing with the Formula 3.5 last weekend and I think I slipped naturally back into the habit of things.

officeQualifying meant a report from me, and I was working to a tight deadline, especially with the qualifying session overrunning (some people couldn’t keep themselves out of the barriers), but I’ve gotten quite good at turning things around quickly, since working at Read Motorsport (where I did the F1 qualifying report this weekend too).

Now, it’s recap time, but we’re trying something new at ERN. Not one to want to follow the crowd, we’re planning to bring something a little different to the table, but that needs to wait a while to be finalised. Watch this space.

Now though, it’s BTCC season review time and, with such a big grid, it might take a while. Luckily I’ve got my trusty to do list, so I should stay on track.



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