Season reviews and Winchester News Online

It has been a busy couple of weeks. And I know I say that a lot, but this time it really has been busy. And, for once, it hasn’t all been about the motorsport.

I've not a face for TV, it must be said

I’ve not a face for TV, it must be said

The day after my last diary entry was my first day officially working on Winchester News Online. As part of my university degree, we put together a weekly news bulletin, specifically for the Winchester area. These past few weeks have been TV bulletins which, as a political journalist, isn’t easy. Politics is rather boring, especially to watch, so finding the right images has been hard, but I’ve managed to put together a few pieces, taking my first steps into TV journalism.

My work as a motorsports journalist has come in helpful. One thing I’ve done a lot over this summer is interview people. Ok, so I wasn’t going to ask the local councilor how they thought their qualifying went, but it still uses a lot of the same skills, which helped a lot.

Once that was done, it was time to focus on the motorsport again! First thing to do was the Closed Circuit reports for Always interesting, we look into the stats of every team, doing a proper analysis on their weekend. I spent most of the rest of the week working on that, and putting together my Formula E review podcast, which can be found here.

closed-circuitWorking on the BTCC season reviews had to wait until the following week, once all the Formula E and Winchester News Online work had been completed. I’ve tried to combine the teams’ stories with their stats to make the articles a little more interesting than a straight forward review. That means spending a lot of time with a rather grumpy excel spreadsheet. I’m most of the way through the reviews now, and should be done by the end of the week.


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