Busy build up to Christmas

It’s been a while since I updated here. It’s been a pretty busy time but now, before the British Touring Car Championship announce another driver, I’ve just got a moment to have a cup of tea and update you on everything that’s going on.

winol-creditsFirst, Winchester News Online. I’ve worked on quite a few bulletins since my last update, in the studio, in the gallery, and in the news room. In the last bulletin of 2016, I tried my hand at directing. Directing is supposedly a stressful job, but I didn’t find it any more stressful than being in the news room. The director’s job is to basically make sure that everybody knows what they’re doing, and everybody knows when to do it. The only problem was when I didn’t realise we didn’t have one of the things we needed to have. My first time directing didn’t go too badly, in my humble opinion. It’s a way away from the journalism I’m used to. You can watch the full bulletin here.

University has taken up pretty much all my time since I last updated, as I tried to get my head around the philosophy being bureaucracy (and how to spell it), as well as working on WINOL. But I have been able to get some motorsport journalism done.

We were coming to the end of the motorsport season when I last posted, but there was still plenty to cover through the end of October and November.

Formula One had three races left for the end of the season, so there was plenty to write about. I was writing the race report for the Brazilian GP, which was a very fun and wet event. There was plenty of time to write the article in between stoppages, but the way Max Verstappen blew us all away at the end was fantastic, probably one of my moments of the season.

It was an emotional end to the year as we said goodbye to some of the big names in F1. Felipe Massa has been a part of the sport the entire time I have followed it, so saying goodbye to the Brazilian was weird for me. It doesn’t look like we’ll be saying goodbye to him for long, but that didn’t stop me writing plenty of articles about him. Obrigado Massa.


twitterF1 wasn’t the only thing on though. Formula V8 3.5 still had two race weekends to go. The final race at Catalunya was incredibly stressful. I watched it from behind my hands as Deletraz tried to find a way past teammate Fittipaldi. He would need more than that to get the title, though, and Fittipaldi didn’t let him past, taking his first overall podium of the season.

There was also another FE race to cover, more Closed Circuit articles and more live tweeting. It was very stressful, with my computer not quite being able to cope too well with live TV, but I managed to get through the race without too many hiccups.

Even though the season’s over, there’s plenty to do, with loads of driver announcements, testing, and end of season reviews. Now, I should probably get back to them.


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