A trip to Twickenham

A quick update from a train home from London (seriously, if you can afford first class I would seriously recommend it).

Today I spent the afternoon at the Haymarket offices, home to Autosport. Working for Autosport would essentially be a dream come true for me and this was a chance to show them what I could do. Possibly more importantly, it was also an opportunity to get some tuition and advice on what to do to make my work better – always valuable.

I had emailed about work experience earlier in the year, and heard back from the person in charge of their talent development scheme, which are basically in charge of brining in fresh sacrifices – I mean journalists. It wasn’t going to be as straight forward as “hand in you CV and we’ll see what we can do” though. Autosport required an assessment, to see if I’m good enough for the training and experience.

So off I went to Twickenham this afternoon, having submitted a number of articles for the editors there to look at. The feedback was brilliant. You never get better until a fresh pair of eyes tell you what you could improve, so an editor to go through three of my articles – two news pieces and a feature – was valuable enough on its own, even if I don’t get onto the scheme (fingers crossed I can. I believe in myself, of course, but there are so many talented journalists out there).

Now for the long train journey home, my last journey of 2016. I must admit, when I considered becoming a motorsports journalist for the first time, I did imagine it would involve a lot of traveling, but the image I had was flying around the world with a snoozing co-worker leaning on my shoulder, not long haul coach journeys and crammed trains. But it’s what you do for the dream, isn’t it?

Image credit: Google maps


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