Reflections and Resolutions

It wouldn’t be New Year if every blogger on the planet didn’t write a “reflections and resolutions” style post, so here we go for mine.


2016 was only my second year as a journalist. It was so fantastic but, like every year, it came with it’s own struggles.

Adventures of Mahindra bear

It seems like a long time ago that I was at the crossroads back in 2014, no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It was something I’d never experienced before. Ever since I was eight, I’d known where I wanted to be when I was a grown up. I spent my teenage years working towards that dream, only to achieve a place on my dream course at university… and hate it.

So when I say “my second year as a journalist”, I mean two years since I restarted my life, doing the only thing I’m actually any good at: writing.

It’s quite funny, looking back now, that the only thing I’m any good at is writing, seeing as I was diagnosed as dyslexic.

But it has always been something I’ve been good at: writing stories and telling tales. So, since the beginning of 2015, I’ve been putting to use the talent to try and build a life.

2015 was building the foundations, but I think 2016 was a real start to my career.


I’ve had so many amazing opportunities this year. From the Paris ePrix back in April to covering the British Touring Car Championship all season. I’ve been part of a world that, back in 2014, I could only dream of. I talk a lot on this blog about how the idea of drinking champagne on yachts isn’t what life is really like, but it honestly is amazing. (Having interviewed a champagne drenched Sebatien Buemi post London ePrix, I think I might have gone off of champagne anyway…).

That said, it’s been far from a perfect year.

This year, I’ve really learned a lot about the reality of the game I’m in. Not everybody is your friend and with such tough competition about it’s always wise to be weary. Naturally, there’s always going to be some rivalry between journalists, but some people can go too far.

20160702_172600Meanwhile, I’ve been dealing with university and never ending health problems, but that hasn’t been enough to stop me working.

Though the trainline delightfully informed me I’d saved over £200 through them as I zipped across the country for BTCC, Formula E, and the odd Formula V8 3.5 race, transport has been another pain this season. One of the low lights pf 2016 definitely had to be the 300,000 hour long bus journey to Glasgow (ok, it was more like six, but it felt like 300,000).

There have been some hard choices I’ve been presented with this year, and I can only expect more this year.


One thing I learned this year is that motorsport is full of change. It wasn’t a fun thing to learn, but people come and go in motorsport, and plenty of other things change too.

There are going to be some changes in 2017 for me too. Last year left me with some tough questions I’ll be kicking off the year with. It’s not quite how I wanted to start the year but, if I want to make 2017 the best year ever, I have to start as I mean to go on.

Some things won’t be changing though. As much as I disliked the three year long bus journey, I’m going to as many races as possible: Formula 3, Formula V8, and BTCC for sure. The aim is to go abroad for a Formula E race, but that depends on a number of factors. Nothing’s for certain in motorsport (just ask Esteban Ocon).

I don’t tend to do New Years Resolutions so much. I make my goals for the year on my birthday. But I am determined to make this year better than ever.


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