How to start the new year…

It’s been a busy first week and a bit of 2017. I knew things were going to be changing this year, and that’s already started.

The first big news is that Read Motorsport are expanding their coverage to European Formula Three this season. Understandably, I’m excited. I started following European F3 back in 2014, when I went to watch it at Silverstone. I’ve covered European F3 for my own blog, motorsupport, but I’ve wanted to write about it for someone else for ages, so I’m very excited.

euro-f3-newsBut Read covering F3 wasn’t just exciting because it meant I got to cover it. As I’ve been following it for a short while now and I was so eager to cover the series, I was put in charge of the coverage. There are a few of us who’ll be writing articles on – in my opinion – one of the best junior series around and I’m hoping our coverage will quickly become one of best.

I’ve already lined up some interviews, most of them happening at Autosport International at the end of the week, and I’ll be at the first race in April, so we’ll be starting our coverage off well.

The second bit of big news is more in the opposite direction. A new year meant a fresh start and that, for me, meant leaving It was a tough decision to make, but one that had to be done. Now, I need to find somewhere else to cover Formula E. It’s still my favourite series, and where my heart is, so that’s definitely one of my goals for 2017.

But, where one door opens…

congratsAn update on the Autosport Talent Development programme, following the assessment I went to in December. I got in! God knows how it happened, honestly, but it did. The feedback I got in that single day was incredible, so I can’t wait to see what the scheme will involve. The first session will be at – you guessed it – Autosport International, so I’ll be getting started with that pretty soon. It’s an amazing opportunity that I just couldn’t imagine myself doing two years ago, which just goes to show what can happen if you take every opportunity you’re given.

I started my New Year as I meant to go on. Interview requests. I must have sent out about 50 or so (honestly) on January 2nd (I figured they deserved a day off) and, really, putting “interview request” as the subject in each email probably wasn’t the best idea.

Some of those interviews, including one with British Formula 4 driver Jamie Sharp, have already happened. Today I was interviewing Enzo Fittipaldi, again, so that’s another article to get writing. But some will have to wait until this weekend, where I’ll get to do the interview face to face. Which is much better, as it involves much less messing about with technology.

And that brings us on to Autosport International.

I cannot wait.

It’s going to be a mad four days of running around and trying to be in about 20 places at once. There are some downsides to covering multiple series. One is when they’re all share the same race weekend. The other is when a huge multi-series convention happens in the city next to your home town and you’re trying to cover them all. But I think I can make it work. My goal is to take on board the advice I’ve been given over the winter break and to start the year off in the best way possible.

Hopefully this cold goes away first though.


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