Let’s go racing!

Let’s talk motorsport then.

I know I haven’t updated in a while. It’s been a busy couple of weeks getting everything done for university and then settling in back at home. But now I’ve managed to grab a couple of minutes to talk about last weekend.

So, last weekend was my first weekend at a race this season and, as you can imagine, I was just a tad excited. I was at the World Endurance Championship race at Silverstone last weekend and, yes, I was working.

Read Motorsport have recently started their European F3 coverage and, being in charge of that, F3 was one of my main priorities. I was also covering WEC for Race Department. Now, those two series were based in different paddocks. Add to that my interest in Formula V8 3.5, it was a busy weekend.

I’m actually surprised my feet actually managed to stay at the end of my legs! Trying to grab quotes from the F3 drivers, then the WEC drivers, trying to follow all the races… it was a bit mad. Especially because everybody who I needed to talk to, of course, have their own to do lists, and you’re not high on them.

At some point, I managed to get a good deal of interviews and catch up with the people I wanted to see.

Of course, not everything went perfectly, but I think it was a really great start for Read’s F3 coverage. I got a few interviews after every session and took the time to get a good understanding of some of the different character’s in the paddock. I cannot wait until the next race!

My favourite interview was with Nico Prost though. I sat transcribing the interview afterwards and thought “this is real proper”.

Sometimes it hits me hard that this is actually my life. It’s just mad that I do get to do this. Yes, it’s hard work, but I love it, and I don’t actually know how it happened…

I think that happened twice this weekend. The first was after the interview with Nico which was “real proper”. The second was after the second Formula 3.5 race.

A friend of mine, Pietro Fittipaldi, won the first two races of the season. Whilst we were waiting for him to get back from press conference, I was stood with his mum and her father phoned. Naturally, Pietro’s grandfather reacted like anybody who’s grandson just won two races in two days. The fact he’s a world champion doesn’t really matter. And just the normality of it hit me. Three years ago, this wouldn’t be normal, and just noticing how far I’ve come is… weird.

Anyway, looking forward, it’s not long until I’ll be at the track again. Thruxton’s next up for me at the start of May, then Paris a few weeks later!


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