Coventry Motofest

Coventry Motofest makes me proud to be from this great city.

It’s changed a lot, even in my lifetime, and I know the industries that make this part of the country rich aren’t prospering so much anymore. But Coventry is proud of its motoring heritage, and nothing says that more than the motoring festival.

For one weekend every year, the town centre becomes a huge display of motorsports history. This weekend there were fancy, modern Ferraris and ancient looking bicycles, and everything in between.

I love it. I can’t say I know that much about road cars. I can appreciate a nice car when I see one but if you ask me to name it… But I still love being around the city centre, immersed in Coventry’s history.

And then, of course, there’s the motorsport side of things. All sorts of cars and motorbikes run performances on the Coventry ring road over the course of the two days. Drag races, time trials, and stunts. It’s brilliant.

This year, the BTCC’s Power Maxed Racing showed up. Rookie Senna Proctor was going to take the Vauxhall Astra for a spin around the ring road. And wanted to catch up with him.

How come, even when it’s not a race weekend, I end up hanging around waiting for racing drivers…

I managed to grab a small interview with Senna, finding out how the rookie felt about the start of his time in touring cars. I also managed to catch him in action, along with a number of other drivers running in a variety of cars.



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